The Crown Hockey stick is the best hockey stick that can be created with current technology.  The Crown Hockey stick is designed with real hockey players in mind, offering unfettered performance, precision and quality.

Hand crafted in Britain using manufacturing processes that are normally reserved for F1 racing components. Crown Hockey has created a hockey stick in its own category. The Crown Hockey stick is manufactured to the gram using parts machined to an accuracy of 0.05mm.

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Brands Crown

Crown Neon



British Made with a new modernized manufacturing method invented by Crown just for the Neon stick model. Fully constructed from a single type of extra toughened carbon fiber fabric.  Has a patented dimpled design to reduce vibrations.  Cons..

Brands Crown

Crown Stick 2019/20



One of the most innovative sticks around, this stick is quite literally manufactured by Formula 1 composite engineers in the UK. Using materials that are taken from F1 automotive and aerospace suppliers, Crown has made a monumental step up in the eng..

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