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Brands Mazon

Mazon Blackmagic V8

Blackmagic V8



Aimed for the players wanting ultimate power. Also, great for close in dribbling skills and aerials. With flash gold foil and a carbon finish, this stick  is one of the best looking sticks that will grace the turf. Underneath the aesthetics..

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Brands Crown

Crown Neon




British Made with a new modernized manufacturing method invented by Crown just for the Neon stick model. Fully constructed from a single type of extra toughened carbon fiber fabric.  Has a patented dimpled design to reduce vibrations.  Cons..

Brands Dita

Dita CarboTec Blue Carbon C75

CarboTec Blue Carbon C75 M-Bow


The choice of top players. Pro Performance and power from premium materials and cutting edge technology. Ultra-high quality Japanese Carbon finished with a final layer of aerospace grade Blue Carbon. Wrapped at optimized angles to give you perfect fe..

Brands Dita

Dita CompoTec C55

Dita CompoTec C55 M-Bow


The high end, high performance hockey stick to take your game to the next level. Superbly balanced for an optimal combination of comfort, weight and power. 55% ultra-high quality Japanese Carbon wrapped at optimized angles to give you perfect feel an..

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Brands JDH

JDH X93 Indoor

X93 Indoor



The X93 Indoor is Jamie Dwyer's new mold for Indoor Hockey.  With extreme light weight, an Extra Low Bow and midi Head, this stick will be sure to turn some heads. 50% Carbon Extra Low Bow..

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