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Brands Dita

Dita CompoTec C55

Dita CompoTec C55 M-Bow


The high end, high performance hockey stick to take your game to the next level. Superbly balanced for an optimal combination of comfort, weight and power. 55% ultra-high quality Japanese Carbon wrapped at optimized angles to give you perfect feel an..

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Brands Gryphon

Gryphon Chrome Diablo Indoor

Chrome Diablo Indoor



The Diablo is the stiffest lay up within the Gryphon chrome range, giving you that Gryphon impact to get the best results. The introduction of the energy reduction system helps reduce vibrations when hitting the ball, providing a great feel though th..

-33% off

Brands Gryphon

Gryphon Chrome Elan Pro

Chrome Elan Pro



Intense power, perfect balance and extreme durability. The Late Bow This low bow is typically about 25mm and the highest point is close to the toe of the stick. This shape offers extra assistance with lifting the ball, aerials and drag flicking, as w..

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