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Brands Mazon

Mazon Blackmagic V8

Blackmagic V8



Aimed for the players wanting ultimate power. Also, great for close in dribbling skills and aerials. With flash gold foil and a carbon finish, this stick  is one of the best looking sticks that will grace the turf. Underneath the aesthetics..

Brands Mazon

Mazon International Ball Bag

International Ball Bag


Perfect for coaches and players on the go! Durable ball bag. Contoured lid with mesh note pocket and wide shoulder strap. Holds up to 40 balls...

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Brands Mazon

Mazon Junior 500

Junior 500



A great introductory hockey stick in colors that kids love...

Brands Mazon

Mazon Star 1000

Star 1000


The Mazon Star 1000 is a superb hitting stick that also creates a fantastic feel. Available in bright colors that kids will love. Kevlar/fiberglass armor & 7 ply midi head shape. Ideal stick for juniors participating in Club & School hockey...

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Brands Mazon

Mazon T90 Glove

T90 Glove - Left Hand



A full-stretch lycra left hand glove with textured palm consists of injection molded plastics and padding. The design of the outer glove allows for a custom fit due to its superior stretch flexibility, provide natural grip in all conditions. Ava..

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