Selecting Equipment

Are you new to Field Hockey and looking to get some advice on selecting the right stick and equipment?  You came to the right place!


As a new player, there are only a few important variables to consider when selecting a stick. 


It is important to select a stick that is the correct length for your height. A stick too long or too short can be awkward to play with and can lead to the development of bad habits. Below is a general size chart. If you stay within/close to these guidelines, you are on your way to selecting the right stick!

4′ & Under28″
4’1″ – 4’3″30″
4’4″ – 4’6″32″
4’7″ – 5′34″
5’1″ – 5’3″35-35.5″
5’10” & Over37-37.5″

Entry level sticks typically are made up of fiberglass, aramid (kevlar), and/or wood.  Some also include a little carbon.  Carbon adds power to a stick,  but also adds stiffness, which makes ball control more difficult. 

Player Protection

Field Hockey players are required to wear protective shin guards and a mouthguard. These are essential. Depending on the rules in your area/league, protective eye wear may also be required. Read below for details on selecting appropriate equipment.

  Shin Guards

Field Hockey Shin Guards are different from soccer shin guards and come in a variety of sizes and styles. It’s best to try a few different types to find the ones that feel good and fit you well. They are sized based on the length from the bottom of the knee to the top of the ankle. Below are the recommended steps to get the most protection:

    1.  Put on a pair of Hocsocx or thin socks to protect your legs and absorb any moisture

    2.  Place your shin guards over the top of the Hocsocx

    3.  Put your socks over the top of the shin guards

    4.  Put your shoes on and make any adjustments as needed


It is important to always wear a mouth guard when playing field hockey.  Each mouth guard is sized differently based on age. Please read product descriptions to ensure you select the right guard based on your age. If you have braces, we recommend the SISU Aero guard.