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Brands Gryphon

Gryphon Chrome Diablo Indoor

Chrome Diablo Indoor



The Diablo is the stiffest lay up within the Gryphon chrome range, giving you that Gryphon impact to get the best results. The introduction of the energy reduction system helps reduce vibrations when hitting the ball, providing a great feel though th..

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Brands Gryphon

Gryphon Solo Pro Indoor

Indoor Solo Pro



A great indoor stick for all levels.  Flawless touch combined with the perfect amount of power! Available in 34" only..

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Brands JDH

JDH X93 Indoor

X93 Indoor



The X93 Indoor is Jamie Dwyer's new mold for Indoor Hockey.  With extreme light weight, an Extra Low Bow and midi Head, this stick will be sure to turn some heads. 50% Carbon Extra Low Bow..

Brands JDH

JDH X93 Wood Indoor

X93 Wood Indoor


Wood sticks are preferred by many players for their extra soft touch and great feel...

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Brands Mercian

Mercian Indoor Genesis 0.3

Indoor Genesis 0.3



A perfect indoor stick for the beginner to intermediate player. 100% Fiberglass with durable construction and reinforcements to key impact areas..


Brands Osaka

Osaka Indoor Limited Bronze

Indoor Limited Bronze


 The Pro Tour Limited represents Osaka’s dedication to exclusive design and innovation.  If you want to stand out without compromising on performance, the Limited is the stick for ..

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